I hope that I'm not sticking my neck out too far in saying that Children think Giraffe & Staff puppet shows are the greatest!

   You see, I'm in the perfect position to say this, since I'm George (the head giraffe). I've never seen a show that didn't amaze kids when they see me stretch to my full 8-foot height ........or gasp in suprise when Mizzy Mouse blows up a balloon.

   It's hard to say which of our shows they like the best but Tyrone the 10-foot-gigglesaurus is right up there near the top.

   Teachers report that although the kids laugh throughout our shows ......they still remember the important messages.

   Everyone says our shows are the best! Ron Jenkins of the Seattle YMCA says: Its the best family show we have ever had. We were even named "Best in L.A." on ABC Channel 7.

   We look forward to bringing high quality entertainment to your children.

With great heights of happiness,

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